What Is Lent?

Feb 26, 2020

Sometimes we come across traditions in the church or just in culture that seem confusing. I imagine it is a similar feeling that someone from another country may feel when they come to the United States the week of Thanksgiving. They probably have a bunch of questions that those of us that live in the […]

The other the day I posted a series of Instagram stories with some of my concerns about the rise of podcast culture. To be clear, I love Podcast’s. I listen to podcasts. I love teaching and sharing on podcasts! However, I think there has to be a balance in our content consumption. For instance for […]

Culture says – Be STRONG! At all costs NEVER show any sign of weakness!  The Gospel says – When we acknowledge our weakness we can truly be made strong in Christ.  The world says – Our enemies are flesh and blood!  The Scriptures say  – we have a a real enemy and it is much […]

We Are Family

Apr 27, 2018

Grateful for the opportunity to preach/teach at my home church, Transformation Church on 4/22/18. Some thoughts about my message, “We Are Family” and the full sermon below. We Are Family: The local church can be defined as a “family”. This family is unique and unlike any other. It is composed of different ethnicities and social […]

In all honesty I had no idea what to expect from the movie Black Panther. I’ve been an avid Marvel and D.C Comics fan my whole life (Marvel is obvously better, just saying). However, there was something different about Black Panther. I couldn’t describe the feelings that were developing inside my heart but all I […]

What is so significant about the cross? The typical response would have something to do about the death of Jesus. However, if we were to be more detailed we may say that its not just the death of Jesus but the fact that Jesus reigned victorious over death by defeating sin and raising again on […]

War and Worship

Oct 21, 2017

One of the things that has always captivated me is how important positioning is in life. Now, follow me on this. When you play sports, the right position against your opponent is the foundational building block of learning that will help an athlete achieve their victory. In the world of business we always consider “how […]

Ephesians six brings us to the conclusion that the work of reconciliation that was made possible in and through Christ alone has tremendous impact in both a spiritual and physical sense. The cosmic reconciliation of mankind through the power of the Gospel of Jesus invades every aspect of our present life and should be transformative […]

Ephesians 3

Jul 10, 2017

A Mystery Revealed Ephesians 3 may be one of the most important passages in scripture for all of us who are not of Jewish descent. In these verses the Apostle Paul finally makes known the “mystery” that had been hidden from the time of the Old Testament covenant until the time of Christ. Paul clearly […]

The setting of 2nd Sam 15:30 takes place under the harshest of conditions as King David begins to see his kingdom crumble in front of him. Absolom has successfully “Stolen the hearts of the men of Israel” (2nd Sam 15:6b). In fact, it seems that the waywardness of the men of Israel plays a significant […]