The setting of 2nd Sam 15:30 takes place under the harshest of conditions as King David begins to see his kingdom crumble in front of him. Absolom has successfully “Stolen the hearts of the men of Israel” (2nd Sam 15:6b). In fact, it seems that the waywardness of the men of Israel plays a significant role in Absalom’s rising power and strength as this phrase is repeated as a messenger comes to tell David “The hearts of the men of Israel have gone after Absalom” (2nd Sam 15:13). Within this story we are reminded of the larger story – One where the people of God are continually wayward in their love and affections toward God and are prone to stray and allow their hearts to be captivated by others. In light of these events David sees that his situation and place in the Kingdom is uncertain, and therefore needs to retreat and escape.

We see an interesting historical pattern that seems to repeat itself. David being on the run is a familiar experience as he spends significant time on the run from King Saul. In some ways he was prepared for this as he recollects his previous experience. Yet, this time he is forced into hiding as the King, while Absolom attempts to overthrow him. The comparisons between Absolom and David are intriguing.

Absolom fights for the kingdom through manipulation, deceit, and force.

David’s response to the kingdom was patience and to live in hiding until God appointed the time for him to be appointed king.

While Absolom has no problem going after King David to kill him, David wouldn’t raise a hand against king Saul.

As we read verse 30 it’s hard not to allow our minds to be drawn forward to another event that would take place hundreds of years later on this very mount as Jesus begins his triumphal entry which is first marked by his visit to the Mount of Olives (Luke 19:37-40). As we read the story of David we must always remember that David simply points to the better David, Jesus; who is the King of Kings. The contrast between David’s experience and Jesus’ is important.

David goes up the mountain in the midst of sorrow with all that followed him weeping. He was losing his kingdom.

Jesus comes down the mountain yet all the people with him rejoice and celebrate.

Both David and Jesus weep on the Mount of Olives. David weeping over the loss, betrayal, and potential loss that he faces. All things that affect him personally. Jesus weeps over the city and people of Jerusalem.

As David ascends the Mt. of Olives he faces the potential loss of his Kingdom. As Jesus comes down the Mt. of Olives he begins his journey to the cross, where he will conquer sin and death and establish the Kingdom of Heaven.

David’s kingdom will eventually be war torn and broken. The Kingdom of Heaven will reign forever.




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