| Eph 6 | The Strength and Armor Of God

Culture says – Be STRONG! At all costs NEVER show any sign of weakness! 

The Gospel says – When we acknowledge our weakness we can truly be made strong in Christ. 

The world says – Our enemies are flesh and blood! 

The Scriptures say  – we have a a real enemy and it is much worse than flesh and blood, it’s a spiritual enemy, principalities, authorities, cosmic powers over the present darkness.

The enemy wants us to believe – We are defeated

The Good news of the Gospel says – The enemy is defeated because Jesus through the power of the Spirit conquered sin and death.

In every moment the enemy tries to take you out through his schemes of temptation, accusation, and deception.

Remember Ephesians 6:10-13 teaches us God:

1. Strengthens us by His power

2. Equips us with His armor 

3. His strength and Love enable us to extend love to our neighbors. 



  1. Judy Caraway says:

    Yes I still use the flannel board for teaching. Child Evangelism Fellowship has some great material for teaching.

  2. I am a child evangelist I don’t have enough material for teaching I do prepare it myself.


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