What Is Lent?

Feb 26, 2020

Sometimes we come across traditions in the church or just in culture that seem confusing. I imagine it is a similar feeling that someone from another country may feel when they come to the United States the week of Thanksgiving. They probably have a bunch of questions that those of us that live in the […]

The other the day I posted a series of Instagram stories with some of my concerns about the rise of podcast culture. To be clear, I love Podcast’s. I listen to podcasts. I love teaching and sharing on podcasts! However, I think there has to be a balance in our content consumption. For instance for […]

In all honesty I had no idea what to expect from the movie Black Panther. I’ve been an avid Marvel and D.C Comics fan my whole life (Marvel is obvously better, just saying). However, there was something different about Black Panther. I couldn’t describe the feelings that were developing inside my heart but all I […]

War and Worship

Oct 21, 2017

One of the things that has always captivated me is how important positioning is in life. Now, follow me on this. When you play sports, the right position against your opponent is the foundational building block of learning that will help an athlete achieve their victory. In the world of business we always consider “how […]

My son’s seizure. I never honestly thought I would ever say that phrase. In the most terrifying experience of my life I held my 9 month old son as he went into what I now know is a complex febrile seizure. Little Lucas had a spike in fever while we were just 10 minutes away […]

We are in a really fun season of parenting. Liam and Levi love to read and watch movies. They are finally in a season where we can start working through chapter books. Brittany and I decided to start working our way through the C.S Lewis books. The boys happened to see that the books were […]

Christmas is here, and with it comes the challenge some Christian parents face in regards to how to deal with Santa Clause? Do we mention Santa? Do we talk about the historical Saint Nick? How about the reindeer, presents, and Elves! When Brittany and I first had Liam it seemed like the opinions, perspectives, and […]

I love reading. At any given time you will see a combination of theology, history, systematic theology, or biography books on my nightstand (or loaded on my iPad). Another genre I love reading is science fiction. I love The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter, and the Eragon series. Recently, I […]