2nd Samuel 12:13

13 David said to Nathan, “I have sinned against the Lord.” And Nathan said to David, “The Lord also has put away your sin; you shall not die.

We find David in what may be the beginning of some dark and troubling days for one of the greatest Kings in Israelite history. As we will see later through these chapters, even kings that have a deep devotion to God are susceptible to wavering and pursuing the desires of their heart. King David was no different. Through chapter 12 we see the consequence of David’s sin and the interaction that he has with the prophet Nathan. Its interesting to see that almost a year has passed with David in sin before Nathan approaches him. Further, we find the prophet Nathan utilize very specific language to describe the sin of David. David himself murdered Uriah and took his wife. Even worse, David used the enemy of God, the Ammonites, as the means by which he would murder Uriah. David was in every way complicit and active in this treachery.

Sin and Grace

A Repentant Heart:

However, even in the midst of this evil and horrific scenario we see the fatherly nature of God and just how vast His grace is. There is nothing that God’s grace can’t overcome in bringing reconciliation.

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There are no excuses or reasons that David gives for his actions except to own his sin completely. David’s heartfelt repentance and response provided the context for the extension of the grace of God. However, It is also important to see that while grace abounds there are still consequences for our sins that impact our relationships. David’s violation of his relationship with God and despising the Word of the Lord (2 Sam 13:9) resulted in immediate destruction for his relationship with others in his family and kingdom. David still experienced deep pain as a result of his sin both immediately in the death of his son and in the future as his kingdom is torn in two.

Our Story In the Midst of David’s:

It would be easy for us to stop here and leave with a few key takeaways that may lead us towards better moral behavior. However, if we leave without seeing that we are in every way just as guilty as David that may be a greater tragedy. Just as David listened to a parable of another man and condemned him only to find out that he was that mean we must realize that we are in fact just as guilty as David. David’s story is our story. His sin is reflective of our own sin. What a hope we have that despite the great depth of sin that David committed the grace of God abounds so much further. Finally, we find that while we look to David for so much good we recognize how he fell short and was prone to sin.

In this we can look to the better David, Jesus. The love of Christ extended on the cross to all of humanity paved the way for us to be reconciled to God and to live under the perfect Kingship of Jesus. God has indeed put away our sin, through the atoning and justifying work of Jesus Christ.




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