The mark of a great leader – 24hrs. That’s all it took for for Ittai the Gittite and all of his 600 men to know the type of leader/king that David was. 3 verses. Thats it – that’s all Ittai the Gittite gets in all of scripture. But these three verses give us insight into […]

It’s here. The New Year has begun and everyone is figuring what changes they are going to make for 2017. Some are thinking multiple small changes while others are looking for that one huge change. The really motivated are going to do it all! Then the 2nd week of January hits and you find yourself back […]

A few years ago I had the opportunity to share Logos and speak at the Women of Faith events across the U.S. I was usually introduced by either Lisa Harper or Lysa Terkeurst – Both amazing women of God and incredible Bible teachers. Over the last few years I’ve gotten to know Lysa and her […]

Traveling is hard. When I was younger (it’s scary I even wrote that phrase) I always dreamed of being able to travel and see the world! Well, God gave me my wish and while I appreciate the travel, it has proven to be really challenging. As of writing this post I just crossed 90,000 air […]

Reflections at 30

Nov 23, 2016

It’s hard to believe that I just turned 30. There are so many land mark birthdays, and for me 30 is one of those. Turning 30 is great. It’s hard to believe, but its still great.  As I’ve spent some time thinking through the last 30 years I’ve come across the following reflections and important lessons […]

After a few years working in the marketing space I’ve come to pay close attentions to ad’s, commercials, billboards, and pretty much anything that is trying to sell or communicate something. The common thread in everything that I’ve come across from the print billboard on the highway to the 30 second add on Hulu is […]

I hate failing. Seriously, I hate failure. There is a competitive streak inside of me that can turn ugly real quick. I’m the person who won’t play a game with you unless I feel like I have a reasonable chance at winning. If I know I won’t win, I won’t play.

In a recent post I exposed the dark area of my life that showed how ridiculously obsessed I am about winning, and the fact that I hate losing or failing at anything.  Something that goes in tandem with this is how often I feel my perspective or opinion is right and the other persons is wrong. […]

Best Books Of 2015

Nov 21, 2016

Each year I set out with a task to create and compile a reading list. While the term may be cliche, I really do believe that the best leaders are readers. Prior to seminary, my list was somewhat expansive. However, since starting seminary over a year ago, my reading requirements for school have taken a […]

2016 Reading List

Nov 21, 2016

Well the new year is here and everyone is jumping on the new resolution band wagon. Like most, I’ve been guilty of having some lofty resolutions only to find my self the following December realizing that I haven’t accomplished much of what I set out to do. However, if there is a resolution that you […]