In the midst of tragedy, the faithfulness of God can be incredibly difficult to believe in. Through chaos often times we find ourselves distrusting the goodness of God which results in humanity trying to take matters in their own hands. Simeon and Levi are guilty of this in Genesis 34. Further, Jacob is seemingly silent and unaware of what is taking place in his own household. As he realizes what has happened and the implications that this will bring onto his family, he finds himself in great need once again of great rescue. Then, “God speaks”. God leads Jacob out of his tragedy and shows his faithfulness in spite of Jacobs faithlessness.

Gen pt 2

Our Remembrance Reaffirms The Truth That We Are Wholly Reliant On God For All Our Needs:

Remembering how God has rescued us gives us a sense of balance and places us in a position where we are not focusing on our works, ability, or self mean, but reaffirms the truth that we are wholly reliant on God for all our needs. In the same way that Jacob is reminded that his needs were and will continue to be met by God, we can also rest in this truth. It is incredibly easy for us to be distracted with what is around us. We can begin to place our trust and hope in our own means and abilities. Therefore, this principle of remembrance is formalized for the believer. Christ gave us the command to remember him as we take communion. As we partake in the wine we are to remember the blood that Christ spilled for his covenant people. As we eat the bread we are to remember the body of Christ that was beaten and broken.

Our Remembrance Produces A Grateful Heart:

This remembrance causes us first, to be grateful to this great God who became man, conquered sin and death, and reconciled the covenant people of God back to himself. Second, it causes the covenant community to rest in the sufficiency of Christ. We are reminded that once again, left to our own means we were aliens and enemies of God (Eph 2) destroying not only ourselves but also those closest to us. What a great reminder of the goodness of God to send his Son and restore His people. The result of is a tremendous relief. We no longer have the burden to produce or perform. We are no longer slaves to the law and feel the defeat of the chains and bondage that we place on ourselves. Rather we respond from a grateful heart as a people who have been reconciled and restored. We live in the truth of the Gospel which free’s us to love people just and Christ loved us. We can now look at others and see them as Christ see’s them. What an incredible blessing to live, move, and breath in light of our recollecting the saving grace of God.

Some of us are in bondage. We are putting ourselves under the bondage and chains of the law. We are motivated from fear or expectation rather than a Gospel reality of grace. We need now more than ever to remember that we will never be able to satisfy ourselves or achieve our hearts desires through our own means. We need to remember the Gospel and live in light of Gods free and unmerited grace.

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