My wife Brittany ( got me into this #PeriscopeWithPurpose challenge. I’ll admit, I wasn’t real sure about it. I really didn’t feel like I had the time but after seeing how easy it was and how much fun my wife was having I decided to give it a try. I had no clue that this challenge opened up a channel for me to communicate my faith journey, challenges as a traveling dad, and also meet some pretty cool people. Today, the challenge dealt with giving 3 tips. One of the benefits I have of traveling to christian conferences around the world is the ability to glean and learn from some of the best theological minds out there. So I decided to share some of the most practical and important Bible Study tips that I’ve learned.

3 Tips For Better Bible Study

Read With The End In Mind:

It’s easy for us to read the Bible and think in a closed box or isolate the story. One of the most important aspects of the Bible, is its scope. The reality that from the very beginning, after the fall, there was a plan and purpose. The narrative leads us to a triumphant climax with the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ. This sets the stage for our eager anticipation of the return of our savior. Sadly, at times we read without this important filter. There are serious challenges that occur when this happens. We begin to miss major themes that run throughout the pages of the Bible. We start to value individual people within the Bible over Jesus himself. And possibly the most dangerous, which leads me to my next point, is that we think too much of ourselves.

You Are Not The Point Of The Bible:

If you were just offended by that headline, do me a favor and give me a chance to explain. I’m glad you were offended (stay with me). I think of the biggest dangers of reading the Bible is when we impose ourselves as the hero. We read the stories of Moses, David, Solomon, and we start to read as if we were them. First, we are not them! Second, I’d encourage you to go back read their stories, I really doubt you want to be them if you really understand who they are:

Moses – murderer, disobedient to God multiple times.

David – adulterer, murderer, disobedient to God multiple times.

Solomon – disobedient to God, loved women more than God.

So how are we supposed to read the Bible?

Read the Bible with Christ centrally positioned as better, all sufficient and fulfilling.

Jesus is the point of the Bible. In the same we read in eager anticipation of his coming to reconcile us from sin, and then look forward to his second coming, we must see Christ in every portion of the Bible. This skill and intentional thought will open our eyes to the beauty of Christ and his Word and will cause us to find rest, satisfaction, and fulfillment in Him. Our slavery to our own selfish ambition and self idolatry becomes vanquished when we have a right understanding of who Christ is and how he rescued us.

Actually Read The Bible:

It’s amazing how many times I find myself having gone days and weeks without actually reading the Bible. I find time to study my fantasy football team, binge watch my favorite TV shows, get all my work done, and so on. I have a sneaky suspicion one of the biggest issues for people when it comes to Bible study, is that they don’t actually read their Bibles.

So, quickly share this post. Now, run and grab your Bible and begin to dig into the greatest story ever told. The best part, its true, and it can and will meet you exactly where you are today.

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